Wednesday, May 19, 2010

better living through chemicals...

no.. not living in a k-hole, because i can be enough of an a-hole as it is w/out that extra help. what i mean is the sweet sound release that is to be found in a pot of coffee(or tea if your mental compass drags you there), although i  prefer to be dragged over a bag  of rusty nails than most teas which are supposedly health bringing. most smell more like dog piss than anyone would ever admit to, and that is before you add water.

no,  i have no interest in extolling the benefits of smoking weed as that is a discussion i do not have either the knowledge or first hand observation to back either side up.

sit me down with a pot of coffee and or a good selection of pain reducers and i will be your friend, until the effects ware off. i have enough odd noised coming from where they should be that anything that reduces inflammation of anything is good..  anything that allows me to sit for more on a chair where my back and neck and knees are not hollering for attention in a matter of minutes is good!  coffee just tastes good and generally improves the effects.. win-win for the win!

i'm typing this while the weather us basically too shitty to go out and explore.. some people find the mist and rain to be fascinating... i just find it shitty.  i may ride my bike out in this weather but it is never for pleasure.   normally i prefer to take my laptop out and type in cafes and or in parks.. call it pointless but it gets my ass outside the house and puts extra weight on the backpack which is good for me.

the bike (pedal type) and the bits and bobs have have been ordered which is seriously good.. and will allow me to get around  a damned site faster than walking and waiting every so often to allow cars go by.. the bike isn't   high end but is really good and should be here around the time everything is.  *knock on wood*

right..   the coffee is done brewing, so off i go...

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