Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Counting down the days before the trip.

One of the days I really do not wish upon anyone is where they have to sit in the modern airport.  The romance of flight has been decimated and replaced with modern herding practices which have also been given the modern food for people who have no choice other than meat or pasta.
It has been a few years since my feet last stepped upon a commercial airliner for a transatlantic flight and this is a flight I have been spending dollars to 'afford' with airline miles. My live is hardly a rockstar's  bounty of hot young things ready to succumb to my every wish, and so my dollars and cents clicked up and up and up where they may otherwise not as easily been. 

I will be in the UK for four (count them, 4 months) because not because of some regulation or law which was broken but because there were no 'free' flights available. Normally this would be a problem but the good graces of my family is allowing me a lot of latitude where I stay. My brother lives in London and my folks have a house up in Scotland.  

The main plan for me however is not going to be revealed here. All this is, is a short commentary of what could be and what has been going on and why things move the way they do..

As I go about in the UK, I plan on taking pictures as a reminder, mainly because I've got a crap load of photos littered around the place in no specific order and really can't be bothered scanning the images in just to figure out where they were taken. As noted, my past, while not ultimately boring, is not worth scrounging into either..  Even if it's by me. There are just some people I'd rather forget as much as possible..  Ya know? 


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