Sunday, May 30, 2010

Five Miles is enough..

I know some people can do way more than this but this was the first time really riding more than a few blocks in the better part of a decade when on a bike powered by my own feet and I had shopping to retrieve. Riding up inclines and down crappy streets and dodging the unwanted but obligatory mine field of dog poo is more than I really could honestly say is "good fun". It is a means to an end.  
The u-lock had already bounced off and snapped off the front half of the mud guard; fortunately it bounced off rather than getting  caught up in the wheels as I was going around a relatively busy corner and that could have been painful at best.  I might just put the lock in my backpack or something as all it is doing while riding is making it sound like the bike is falling to bits and adding extra weight over the front wheel. There's probably even some law about putting heavy items there, just for the reason I encountered.

Some people say to use positive energy and they seem to run well on it..
I try doing that but I find that my surplus of annoyance powers me a lot further than just trying to be a goody goody. If people can't get out of my way after a repeated and polite "Excuse me", they can just shift.    That fuels me for at least another 100 yards or so.   I know  they heard me because their heads turned slightly with a "what was that?" expression and then kept walking. Should I be on the roadway? Legally, yes but not with all the crazy bastards and large vehicles  creeping up the edges where I am supposed to be... You could give me all the tickets in the land but until the road has sufficient width, I am going to reside on the side(walk) where my main fear is dog poop.

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