Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scotland on the 15th

Finally in Scotland...
The trip up on the train (pendolino) was good.
Without going into the fine details of the train itself it felt something like an ultra large motorcycle tilting as it went around the bends at full speed. I'm not sure this is necessary as there was a train which sat pretty much at  120ish most of the trip up 30 years ago and these new trains are tilting at windmills, as it were.

Met someone on the train who is quite interesting.  Wish I had got her name but I think like most people talking on the train was more of a time filler instead of a "get to know someone new" adventure.  Pity as she is finishing up her PHD and share a fare number of the same opinions as me and likes and dislikes. For example, she knows of the annoyingly expensive chocolate maker in Glasgow and rather than getting into politics just wishes people could actually get along.

Finally got to the place I am staying and found each room has it's own 'special' scent, which is probably just down to the house needing to be given a serious airing out and maybe drying out.  I don't know. Other than that, the view is good and the walk to the shop should be pretty easy.  Hopefully getting a bike of some sort will be taken care of soon because some of the roads do not have foot paths, and biking will be a lot faster than slogging along on two feet. I would really like to have a motorcycle here as the roads were almost designed for them. That is going to have to wait for the moment

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