Thursday, May 20, 2010

thursday sandwiches and windup birds..

omfg!! the best things do some in small packages, or at least my backpack.  

there is a brilliant bakery not more than a 20 minute walk and there is a deli which sells the best sliced roast ham.  
now, if you have never left the boundaries of a pasteurized country and where everything has to look just so, this may look a bit off..   the deli honey roast  ham does have the dripping of preservatives and salt and water to make sure it is fine for the long haul. the ham i found has a wedge of fat and is so tender it pretty much falls apart when you start to make your sandwich.   

the brie cheese which i bought (one can get sick of pepper cheese, no matter how good) and has such a smooth buttery taste that no mayo or mustard was needed.

the bread was bought at a family bakery and is a little more expensive than your bog standard white bread loaf but the quality of this and the basic fact that i actually feel full from a sandwich rather than feeling like "what else is there?" for the rest of the day, i would call that a success.  it also makes excellent toast...  and i'm normally not a person who likes bread covered in seeds and bits..  the bread itself is so smooth and filling that i forgot about that and just enjoyed it.. 

the only downside to the day was the assumption my wallet was in my jacket pocket.. a fair assumption i think because that is where i always put it when i walk around and when i go out on my bike.. this time, the bike had just not been 'prepped' and i ordered the meat and cheese and when i reached for the wallet, it wasn't there... "oh crap" were the first words out of my mouth... a mile walking backing to where i am staying, and then yet another mile back to the stores...  
for the sandwich,  totally worth  the extra two miles..

windup birds refers to the oyster catchers which are out here in a few numbers and they are pretty much all black with a bit of white feathers. What makes them noticeable from the crows and seagulls and ducks is their blazingly orange feat and beaks. It makes them look more like someone's remote control  bird than a real life one. 
since i have a soft spot in my heart for crows i have been tossing  unused toast and bits and pieces  out the window  for them.  i'm not sure of the local policy of doing that but the birds aren't complaining. better than throwing it in the bin isn't it? 

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