Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well Blown

Ha! Been waiting for a chance to use that expression in a true life reason and now I have had the chance. The bike arrived with a Min 75-Max 100 rating on the tires(and me with no idea what the inner tubes have) and an actual of 40psi. So with no tire pump to know this and only a "hmmm these feel a bit on the soft side" and my neighbor taking off for the big city on most days so I couldn't pester him for a blow up, I ordered a fairly cheap foot pump and spent most of the morning going "what the fuck? it should work... it's not working.. i got it nice and wet, so why isn't it going in...  OK  what's the return number.." I mean really, I am sure I tried the valve in both positions so why I couldn't get it in, I do not know.. But of course as soon as I talked to the Customer Service guy, it worked.
The tires are pumped up to a fairly conservative 80psi but it works and if it works I am not going to screw with it. My mechanical skills are lackluster at the best of days and I don't want to deal with a inner-tube burst 4 miles down the road just because I got carried away. Still not 100% confident that the  rims are the best choice for the type of roads this bike is going to be seeing, especially with my fat lump on top, but oh well.  When these tires wear out, there are some new tires which are a bit on the heavy side but have a huge plasticy layer which should protect the inner tube from anything this side of North Korea's Prez and or glass bits on the road.
Been working on trying to figure our what the people around here actually would want and that seems to be SFA in terms of computer or anything computer related. I was shocked that the local paper actually had the van driving businesses doing a full page ad collaboration thing and spinning the Van man 180 degrees so you actually need these lazy bastards who drive like madmen. Good ad. Note: Nothing was mentioned about them being lazy bastard or mad.

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