Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Steps..

Set up a new account with no real questions from the manager. I guess the real recommendation of going in with a half decent shirt and making your hair look presentable is true. Maybe it is just the scar/scab on my eyebrow that makes people feel sorry for me. Either way, I don't care. The result is that I have an account which does not need a monthly payment and once the money gets to be over 1000(if it ever does), I get a reasonable percentage.

There is a small hiccup of this culture, which is nice and annoying at the same time. Wednesdays are almost universally shut down because a lot of places are open on Saturdays. This means that banks are open and larger places are open but small mom-and-pop places are pretty much shut for the morning if not all day. This means you really need to plan your shopping a bit more carefully than you might if you were used to with 24/7 stores on your doorstep.

I am writing this from the cafe which I quite like, but also which has no WI-fi access. I do not know if this is intentional to give the impression of a real social hang out rather than people just typing away on their computers but it means I need to go back at some point to copy and paste this rather than just send it in. One cafe I know of has restricted hours which I can appreciate but I still want my WI-fi.
The staff here is always friendly and puts up with me, which IMO is a good sign of customer management.
The population here is mainly hardly spring chickens and maybe that is the reason the feels they do not need to bother with extra costs of tech or security or whatever. It would be interesting though to see all the people here who must be an average of double my age, bring out a VAIO and start writing or start typing on a blog about their life..

I am admittedly, a little disappointed though because a while ago, I had the 'bright idea' of starting up a cafe like this and was pretty much told “no way, these people would never go for it.. They are too stayed in their ways and just like a cup of tea" 
ALL the cafes I have been to, have been given pretty constant business and, regardless of the age group you may consider is 'normal' for a cafe.

I can still see a lot of the coat from three big windows and that is really quite nice.. The mix of modern and old, combined with really crappy music overheard is the best cafe music experience. If only they could mix good music and Wi-fi, this place would be my ideal haunt. The couches are comfy, the coffee is pretty good and the people working are just working rather than trying to work at a 'cool place'.

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