Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"bicyclecrash"- "or how not to ride a bicycle in the wet"

Looks worse than it is but I am quite impressed with the NHS crew who looked after me and made sure nothing was actually worse than it looked.. Kudows to everyone.

wet roads and bike tires do not go hand in hand.
unless one is planning on having their front tire wash out on them..

the score:
two scraped hands
one scraped knee
a few stitches above the eyebrow
and a couple skull xrays to make sure nothing was broken.
and waiting around in the observation room getting bored...
that is... until someone had a really bad sounding set of seizures just outside the room, then i was kicked out of the room, probably because i was deemed 'ok' and or the person having multiple episodes was far more critical that some chump who can't keep it up in the wet.

the doc and nurses were all very good and took care of me. the best part was when i got back, i found that the fish & chips i had originally gone for were still warm enough to deem edible. 30 seconds in the microwave and i am a happy camper. my new wireless mouse works and the receiver works with my original wireless mouse.. so yeah, i'm a bit sore but scratches heal, and i am completely stuffed with what i had gone for..

even the bike looks like it survived.. the chain came off but i'll look at that tomorrow when my left eye is (hopefully) less swollen and i can see better..

[later on.... ]
i tried to sleep i really i did, but when you're used to sleep around 10-11 and the time is only around 4-5, and i'm a pretty light sleeper anyway, that doesn't go so well.

call it what you may, but while here, a good wireless mouse and a set of fish and chips is totally worth crashing a bike and scuffing up my head...  why you ask?
well...  i haven't had really good. i mean, really good and properly made fish & chips for 5 years.. sure you can get stuff in the PNW that pretends to be 'english' fish and chips, but it isn't the real stuff.. it's too anemic and too "would you like Ketchup?" rather than just a unhealthy dose of  salt and vinegar.  sure i'm going to be sore for a few days, and will probably get an earful of 'why didn't you do that....?" from people but i'm basically happy.
why i keep mentioning wireless mice? well, i lost the receiver for my mouse on the flight here and i hate, (repeat: hate) using track pads or those little things in the middle of keyboards.  my original mouse works like a charm with the new receiver.. :)

but now that it is just after 9ish i actually did some laundry (oh the life i lead) and i added some to this   and i'm actually feeling tired..

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