Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finding Good Coffee in a Little Town

I know I shouldn't speak ill of the companies around here but the quality of their coffee needs to be addressed.. One place I stopped in at has this automatic espresso making machine   which is just an vertical box and nothing more special than a "double", "mocha" type sensation..

Another place which was recommended to me has ever so slightly better espresso, and only because the user has to put some effort into it.   the coffee itself is still pretty crap, and the barista, if you can call her that because everything you ask her goes through one ear and out the other..  when you try and clarify it, she takes offense like you were the one being stupid or taking her time.   I'm not going back there again or giving there any of my money..

The third place, which I actually expected to have really poor coffee because of the mom & pop and (hate me for saying this) old fart clientèle is where I had the best cafe experience.. The coffee was not the best, admittedly and I am not sure how they got the espresso out w/out it burning holes in paper cups but over all I was happy. As all places I am happy, I will give a comment to, and that place is Perk Cup, just off the main shopping drag of  Argyll st (not actually on argyll st - google, it lazy bones). If they had a good source of coffee beans (if their regulars would care that is)  that place would be awesome. .

Thought about rewriting that from the   "life in a northern town " song, but I'm lazy..

There are other  'cafes'  around which I have not stuck my head in, but these are the three so far.

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