Thursday, June 10, 2010

I can see!!

Cool beans..   Far as my untalented eyes can see, there is no damage to the bike  apart from a small chip to the enamel which didn't go all the way through but should probably be covered up in this salt air. The only other obvious indication the bike was in a crash was a trail of dried blood along the frame, tracking onto the rear mud guard,  which must have dripped off of my head w/out me knowing I was making a mess of things.
Happily I can open that eye a lot easier now even though it takes a while to get going first thing in the morning.
Unhappily, something has gone wrong with the hot water system and I am reminded what retraction of certain body parts feels like while waiting for a plumber.
Happily, it looks like the antibiotics are doing their job and that the cut is healing up quickly and cleanly. Hopefully this means that my eyebrow will hide most of the scar. Now I just need to try and not poke or pick at the area...  Maybe I need some variation of of those plastic collars that dogs get when they can't stop picking..

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