Monday, June 28, 2010

Old habits trying to get Sky to STFU and not much else...

Not sleeping at well this week, and those who know me well know what that means. Beyond that, there is not much going on in this part of the town other than the excitement of buying a new belt. I suppose there is something exciting about buying a Medium belt rather than a large rather than a large rather than an XL which has been the modus operandi for the last few(OK, scratch that, pretty much since I have been in high-school).
This belt fits perfectly and is a nice solid leather rather than a half leather and half something or other.

Still typing this up at the cafe which I go to because I have a hard time getting into a mood for either work or thinking about other people when sitting on my backside in a chair where I reside. Maybe some people don't have that problem, but I do.. There are just too many old habitual distractions and habits to fall into whereas, even a cafe which I go to on a semi regular basis is new and people are new and there are no TV remotes and the bed doesn't exist, and even the most uncomfortable chair in the universe doesn't exist to pull me away in front of the TV.
I realise this is most of my faults and issues but the end result is the same.

Beyond that, not much going on. PC silliness over someone's World Cup t-shirt ABE( Anyone But England) got someone to claim it was a racial/hate thing. Where will this end? I had the police called on me for having a leatherman type multi-tool, because the UK is hyper paranoid about knives. Fine, I agreed to keep one of the most useful tools ever designed, at home because of a misunderstanding on someone else's part.. WTF? I only ever had the thing when riding around on the bike and with the backpack.

Still not sure how to run the biz... I know my end but how to get from one place to another is a whole can of worms. Hiring someone might work but that would mean teaching them how to wire things up and strip things down. It could be worth buying a scooter of some sort just to do it myself to know I have reliable a 2 b transport. I can't depend on anyone's word for this sort of thing. I also need a solid work space, The work area has been claimed in one area but since there are other people who use it, that is unfeasible. Tools don't need to be super strong for a computer case, but they do need to be reliable enough so I can keep on using them and be confident they will last.

Skye phone services keeps calling, even though they have been told they are unwanted and unloved. My patience is not infinite and the next time, they truly are going to be recommended to fuck off. I have been polite up to this point, but how hard of a concept is “no” for someone to understand?

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