Friday, June 11, 2010

one city, thee prongs on the fork

As noted previously, I took the Glasgow to Gurock train  after a very peaceful pendolino stretch and figured what could be better? The Firth of Forth, the Clyde sans nuclear subs meandering in and out on an hourly basis and  a deli within walking distance. I thought I had hit the a proverbial jackpot. I had easy access to fish and chips with which to clog my arteries if I so desired and a walk way to unclog them if need be.

What I did not really expect to see is a small group of teenagers huddled down on the  waterfront with their cigarettes and bottles of something of other ready at hand.  Sure  it would be folly to say to every teenager "don't do that" when  that would generally cause a lot more to go do 'it'.

Read about this  idea where people put forth problems in  this community in art form.  Old folks worked with younger folks to create a visual  representation of what is going on and what needs to be addressed.

The key problems I keep hearing about this town are:

Or some combination of the three.. It is rare when someone actually says "I'm going to kill you, you bastard." and actually does it.  I guess there is enough covering over or tolerance or something  to handle these three items.
I know it's a problem because  the majority of pamphlets I noticed while hanging out in both the general hospital and at the doctor's office referenced the need to stop drinking. There is also a noticeable amount of pamphlets on rape, so we're not talking paradise here..

And yet, people do talk nicely and help one another out and that needs to be encouraged rather than considered the weak activity.  I have no idea  the name of the couple who helped my sorry and soggy ass when I crashed out off my bike and would like to thank them in a more coherent state of mind. My neighbor helped me w/out question and got me right to the hospital. Some kid who can't have been more than 15 or so picked up a couple post cards which had gotten lose and asked if these were mine..  Coming out of a store, a couple people were hanging out over my keys which were dropped while tying shoe lases or something and who could have easily taken my bike which was a few feet from them, but didn't.
Sure  that makes me sound like a complete klutz, and I am.. I know I am..  But in my defense, the losing things were  not all in the same day and was after riding around quite a bit.

Sadly, I have overheard people talk a lot of shit about one another as well.. The usual stuff like "she did that"  or "I heard that...."..
Personally, I would worry more about the inner and constant gossip bullshit than the occasional fights. But that's me.... Cuts and bruises heal, but reputations are generally hurt for a lot longer, regardless of the validity of the source...

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theredheaddiva said...

Speaking of postcards; got yours this evening. Thank you!! We were just talking about you today too and discussing how you were doing. I didn't realize you had taken such a tumble on your bike. I hope you're healing up OK.