Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Week, World Cup, and Sweat.

Not much going on this week. The weather conspired with my innards to keep me from venturing too far from 'home' and the World Cup matches added their own interest into the fray. It would seem though that the grape vine of information this town thrives on is healthy and is not susceptible to weather patterns.

More people have been arrested for stupid things related to theft and drinking, and the minimum tax which may or may not have cut down on drinking was soundly thrown out of contention. While I do not like the idea of taxation, I like the idea of keeping people who would have to save up just a bit longer before going on a drinking binge. I do not remember the exact figures but it was something like a 2 liter bottle of hard cider would have gone from 3 pounds to something like 7 pounds something.. Hardly wonderful news to hardcore alcoholics, but worse news to those shits who run around buying these bottles after asking their moms if they can borrow a fiver..

England survived Slovenia 1 nil. Slovenia is a country of 2 million people who has only been officially been around for just on 20 years after telling Russia to get stuffed. England should have wiped the floor with them, but the playing field has been leveled a bit with more and more coaches being spread around and the players themselves playing around the globe for more and more silly amounts of money. It is amazing how much money is spent on these players when in my opinion they should be held to their locales.. I don't know if this would hurt or help professional football but it would make the playing field more even. Now that the stars everyone mentions with a tear in their eye are getting older, it is going to be interesting who replaces them.

Still at the cafe I like and found that there is a BT Openzone thing but that is no better than any other pay per microsecond zone where you give them your credit card and sell your soul. You pay per minute or hour. I'd be happier paying a little bit more for a beverage if I didn't have to deal with that and go through the sign up process shit. Annoyingly I know there are these BT Freezone places around here but you have to have a microscope to find them and they are slow. Freezone is a BT version of commercial mesh networking but I am not really sure how well it works. This is a small enough community to get it going but an old enough one that trying to get people into it would be something like pulling republicans away from their local church.

And yet, it is a good place, for all the faults and issues, it is a good place. Like everywhere, once you scratch the surface and see that the neat and pleasant sheen is really just people like everywhere, then you have to look for the real reasons as to why you want to be here. Why wouldn't I want to be here?

It is truly not because I ride on a bicycle.. That is just fucking lame to be bluntly honest. There is nothing sexy about being on a bicycle or coming into a place covered in sweat and have people wondering why you are sweaty. They have every reason to wonder as you are wondering why you subject yourself to such an outdated and fucking lame method of transport. E-bikes or motorcycles or any other powered or efficient method of getting from a to b is faster and all the energy used per mile charts can just get stuffed. Enjoyment is a huge part and I find absolutely none while riding on a bike. Maybe I did when I was a still young enough not to know any better, but now, I really do not like it. I don't think it is even because of the type of bike, because on any bike I would arrive all nasty and sweaty and unless someone has started putting showers in hallways, It will not be missed.

What is missed is the Ninja and my dog. Every so often when I'm tired and the room hasn't had the lights turned on, I look up and think that I see my dog as a shadow.. Odd isn't it? When I see bikes of any type go by, I miss my own bike just a little bit more. Finally broke down (not literally) and tried to ask this guy on a BMW 1200 GS if he had a moment to ask him something.. The one person I ask turns out to be from Spain and didn't really speak English. Not surprising considering where I am and no one speaks proper English around here. It's all spoken with a Scottish brogue. Amazing though that he had come all the way from Spain on two wheels was going back.. That sounds like a serious trek, even on a GS. But if you are going to do it, a GS is the best way. I bet though that my lowly 650 would be hardy enough to do the trek w/out killing me or itself along the way.  

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