Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back in the Dunoon

As per norm, it took a couple days to settle back in and have my head wrap around the fact that it wasn't moving around any more. I suppose if I did this on a regular basis it would not be that big of a deal but since I am not a jet setting person, it takes a couple days for my head to unwind, even when I am not going past time zones. The bed may be comfortable and the food may be accessible, but when the weather you come into is rain and fog, it is hard to see the good points.

Went shopping and the backpack is heavy but the dogs waiting outside makes it worthwhile. Hung out with a lonely looking border collie who eventually was named “matt” after about 10 minutes when his owner came out of the shop. The owner was happy to have someone gives her dog some attention while shopping, and I was happy to have a dog to hang out with. I miss my own dog, so a dog in proxy sort of works. The cafĂ© I like still has no wifi for an inexplicable reason and I'm still not enough of a regular to bug them about it, no matter how much I would like to.

Nothing much going on this week. The weather reports are not favourable, so it may be a session of reading and writing from the uncomfortable chairs and watching the rain pour down.

Hope to see my dog soon, and hope his shots go smoothly between the time I want to bring him here with me. Unless everything is word perfect on the sheet, he will languish in quarantine for 6 months at some forsaken facility where animals just go to hate life.

Hope I can get a bike licence here but that may be shaky and I should be able to put it off for a year. If I can put it off for a year, there is no need to sweat the irritations. Probably won't have the money to buy a brand spanking new bike but buying one that is a year or two old in good shape would save a fair amount and should still get something perfectly usable.

The bhut jolokia sauce I bought at  South Devon Chilli Farm is unbelievably hot. Just a couple drops turns a big bowl of vege soup into a bowl of lava which fires up the mouth and wakes up pretty much everything. I like this sauce because it isn't the vinegar tinge that Tabasco sauce gives. It is far hotter than jabanero and is less fruity. It's like pouring fire into your food. Love it!

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