Wednesday, July 7, 2010

complacency..... and devon

ever get the feeling you just missed that bit in the corner of the room or the bit that is in the middle of the room that you meant to pick up but were on the way out or you had something in your hands and just couldn't be bothered at that moment? me too.. unfortunately that bit seems to account for a lot of things at the moment and  it stacks up until  my feet go "wtf?".  i have a lot on my mind and somehow the hours just slip away from those bits on the floor which just become insignificant until they block my way out of doing those more important things.. 

this is hardly an original idea and i really wish i could just say to someone "hey i can give you a good wage for something that i really do not see myself" but i don't have the spare cash.  don't get me wrong here.. i don't see people who work on things as anything other than people... when i go out, i'm just as much a work as they are, just doing another job.. this is just something that effectively out of my eye sight and i need someone to get rid of my clutter.. well, 'need' isn't really strictly the right word..   
there is no need to move the clutter beyond moving it from one place to another since there is no garbage collection (that i am aware of- other than shoving it in neighbour's bins... if they are out) and so the clutter forms something of an art piece.  the bits get under foot until they are swept up and put into the bin with the world's most tiresome lid. 

i'm also grumpy because it has because it's been raining pretty much since monday and has not let up..  i'm going to be walking to the ferry on thursday so it better be nicer then.. 

going to be spending a week in Devon with my brother, then coming back here. 
might not have enough room for the laptop and sundry bits but i should have enough room for the cameras and their sundry bits.  this basically means pics and stuff won't be added until the 18th or so.

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