Friday, July 30, 2010

dream or nightmare

Last night I was dreaming something happened to my laptop and needed to install Windows on it, I have Vista on a shelf so that was used but then I woke up feeling off kilter like something was just not right in the world.  When I woke up the dream wasn't remembered beyond the odd feeling and now I remember why. 

I know the title is a bit cliche with Vista getting a well deserved pounding but since I never used anything other than XP or Linux on my laptop, even though there is a "Windows Vista" sticker proudly displayed, it seems odd to feel  out of sorts.
At some point, Win7 will be installed (as I do quite like it - and I have a license) along side some distro of Linux and hopefully they will play nice.

Job hunting as well as  Insurance Number hunting has started since much like the social security # in the states you need that # to do pretty much everything other than breath. Tax payment needs it, jobs need it, etc etc...

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