Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Day in Devon (07-09-2010)

(Originally written 07-09-2010)

Made it down to Devon. On the way there is a chili farm which grows the so called hottest chili and so it was sampled. I think that was quite possible the hottest salsa I have ever had. The bbq 'sauce' at a local place is hotter but is from a taste standpoint this one is better. I don't mind heat with no taste but that is only good to add on things which already have a lot of taste.

They have their own chili chocolate which I have not tried yet because we have had a big dinner and I am too full to try anything more.

Everyone is tired, grumpy and generally ready to sit quietly.

Kingsbridge(?) has s fantastic butcher which was also well used but hopefully we won't need to go back there again as it's not the cheapest place.

Too tired to make this any longer...   

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