Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going Back in Dunoon


Spent the last week in Devon county with family and eating local foods. Probably not the healthiest but they are certainly tasty and filling. Clotted cream is not the best thing but it looks or behaves much like golden syrup, which is convenient because it goes pretty well with a golden syrup tart which lasted a couple days due to the sheer weight.

As I write this, I'm back on a Pendolino so of course the rocking side to side makes typing interesting but at least I got a table seat which has a power plug so I can keep my laptop going for the whole trip. Yay! 240 volts right by my testicles? Hrmmm.. Laptop users with genderbenders better be careful with any liquids.

Not going to take as many pics on the way up as nothing really changes in a week on a line, so sorry if anyone was expecting that. The trip was wholly entertaining

Stops (not in any specific order)
Stop 1) Hope Cove: Nice walk with a great view of Solcombe and the estuary

Stop 2) Light house which is on the second most souther most tip of UK, Lizard Point being the most southern tip. The lighthouse is only 10 miles away, so it is basically just down the road.

Stop 3) Burgh island. Ever seen Poirot solve a case which involved sea crawlers and a tide so high that you need to get your thumb out so you don't get trapped? This is the place. See the 07-14-2010 entry for pics. Agnatha Christie spent time there (as a child?)

Stop 4) Agnatha Christie's summer/vacation house (Greenway) which is at Dartmouth a large naval training area for Britain. Photography is not allowed. Officially for copyright reasons, but actually for the more practical reason of people taking pictures of things they want to steal. There is some nice stuff in that house, nothing outrightly expensive but for collectors who want to finish their collection of Agatha Christy snot, and the sort of people who are happy to pay millions of dollars for dusty old paintings no one gives a shit about any more. The garden is really nice and well worth the trip.

Stop 5) Rock Pooling at various beaches with the niece. More accurately, I watched my niece and my brother rockpool.. There is just nothing appealing about walking around in mucky, cold pools of water and looking for things which are probably dead or dying and who just don't want to have their last moments in a plastic bucket.
This is reinforced with getting wet shoes which now are more wiffy than they should be and I am pretty sure the people sitting next to me have figured that out.. Oh well, I've been on plenty if mass transit with odd smells..

Devon is one of those old old areas with a huge spiderweb of one lane roads. These B roads are fine if you know the rules and a giant pain if you have someone coming the other way who either does not know the rules or who just assumes that they shouldn't have to dive into the passing area.

Picked up a few jars of really hot chilli based condiments at a place called South Devon Chile Farm. They grow their own plants with the exception of a chilli which is imported from India and is related to the jabanero. Supposedly it's the world's hottest chilli and so of course a bottle of their sauce was bought. . The 'mild' jabanero based jars may not last as long but they are really good on everything they were tested with while down in Devon.

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