Thursday, July 22, 2010

Refund issues.

Virgin Trains is no longer on my shitlist. Their infrastructure sucks for trying to get refunds when you don't live right on the doorstep of their Fast-ticket machines.. It took bit of working around with customer service but pointing out that I am a 4 hour round trip to the closest of these machines, and I was not willing to spend 20 pounds and 4 hours of my time for a 45 pound ticket. The line went silent for a minute or so and then the CS rep came back saying my card would be refunded and I would not need to traipse to go see if it would even work.
I also complained because the card machine in Euston Station did not work and I also was not willing to experiment with a questionable system.
But now the car will be refunded and Virgin is back in favour.

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