Thursday, August 12, 2010

08-12-2010 Whinging about no internet absolutely everywhere

No internet access is a mindset that is hard to get used to. Every time I think I want to compare a word or look something up, the obvious solution is to just fire up the laptop and see what is available. I can't say it is strictly bad but some of the reasons given are a little shaky.

Some cafes say they want people to interact
Some want a quiet environment
Some want to save money

None of which seem to be as nearly as busy as the cafes which offer free wifi access with the purchase of a coffee. The differences are so obvious, even in a place were broadband is not the main attraction compared to the sea, that it would be nice just to quickly look up a word or the etymology of that word.

You, me, almost everyone in western countries have access to phones that have internet access in some part of their use plan but the phones until they start becoming 15” across will rarely ever be as good to type on as a mid priced laptop. I can't type that well on the best of days so given a phone keyboard it is just pointless to pretend I have become more efficient.

Phones are just made for talking, not typing. Text(ing) drives me up the wall with shortened words which have almost become new words that only those who text know what they mean.

This all just means I want access wherever I go, and whatever device I use. I am willing to pay for it; as long as it is not by the hour. There's very few which should be paid for by the hour and information gathering should not be one of them.

I can't think of any upsides of not having internet access these days.. None. Maybe if I was addicted to ebay or something, but if I was, I wouldn't be leaving the house anyway...

As it is, I'm just waiting for the mail, and hoping for the best. Didn't get in trouble or hurt myself again. I'm just waiting for the UK's version of a SS number to be delivered.

On Saturday, my brother and his clan arrive.

In a few weeks, the world's largest collection of highland sports starts up more or less down the road, so I will be just long enough to see that.. Woot!

Seriously, I can't think why I would want to live anywhere else... Socialized health care FTW.
Looks like I am going to be a few years too late for free university coverage though. Never knew about that otherwise I would have probably had given the US the finger ages ago.. Sure taxes are higher but if you are careful, it doesn't cost that much to live. What is costing me the most is keeping my private US health account open while I am here. :(  

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