Friday, August 20, 2010

Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

Where I went on the 19tth of August.

1. Girl Constantly F***ing Interrupted at Balcony in Gilded Balloon Teviot  
Set up tix with the intention of going to a pair of stand up comedy shows. Reading up on the description of the first show, it did not cross my mind that there might be some error in topic from original to final planning stage or that the comedic factor may not exist. Guess I have just seen too many questionable thing for that to be the case. Either way, upon arriving  I was cautioned by the usher that the 'comedy' was incorrectly labeled and that there might be some disturbing matter. Or something along those lines.

This show is more expression and more let it out of me than a look at what is wrong with me. The bits that were missed were so minor as to not bother with..  I suppose if I were to nit pick and just be a pain in the backside, the overhead lights were more of a distraction than a benefit.
During the show,  I probably lost track of all  what was going on as to be honest I wasn't feeling that great and should probably have gone for something a bit light hearted.  That said, I do not regret the choice in venue or the contained subject matter.  The difficult topics do occasionally need a dose of humor to get through when a hammer is not getting the message sent clearly into set ears and mouths. 

The only real comedy aspect that I saw or heard, and forgive me for finding humor in this, was the gasps around me in the audience when unfamiliar items where brought out of the personality trunk.  Fuzzy handcuffs for one. I couldn't help smirking at that, not the show itself.   
 7 out of 10.  Extra points for effort. Lost points for distraction. Extra points for taking people out of their comfort box! 

2., Aaaaaay-Up! Topless Comedy Meets Bottomless Talent at Just the Wee Room in Just the Tonic at The Caves 
The second show was more of a real stand up, with   comedians getting 5-10 minutes at a pop for their stints and then the next person going on..  That works out  better than someone trying to run along with material that is obviously bolstered up and slowed down.  This was snappy, fun, and for the most part,  good.  7 out of 10.   Got a kiss from one of the comedians too...   Not brilliant comedy but the best comedian gets extra points for teasing me, and not leaving it at that..  

So.. would I recommend those two shows? Yeah, I think so..  I am happier that I went to the shows that you don't hear about as a 'go to' show.. and can say  "do it!". Hey!  I'm shallow like that. Maybe I just didn't hear about those shows... I'm still saying go to them.. 

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