Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flying and things going missing

As I slowly need  or want things I know I packed for this lengthy trip, I have discovered one or two things which did not make it all the way here.  I'm not exactly placing blame on TSA or the various trained monkeys of the security people, but I do tend to be OCD about my USB cables so when something goes missing, I wonder exactly who's sticky fingers needed what  or if it was just a security search that was so in depth that something got dropped on the floor and not picked up.  Either way, these  forces of evil (anyone who takes up my time and manages to put shards of glass on my laptop is evil) have managed to cost me a clean 30 dollars in various bits and pieces.

I mention the shards of glass above because when I got my poor laptop out of the xray machine, and ran my hand over it, a small shard of glass was embedded into my thumb.  Common sense told me the trained 'staff' would not believe me, and even if they did, I did not have the time to fill out  forms or try and climb up the food chain of idiots which comprise  TSA's brightest sparks.

If I sound derogatory towards those who hold the security of the airport in their  paws,  I have yet to see anyone  there who is really someone who gives me the confidence.  Maybe if they paraded around in jackboots and uniforms that would give more of the impression.  Unfortunately' that went out in the 40's, and beating the shit out of people who truly deserved it is no longer allowed. Now the defending of the country is given to people who sit waiting, hoping for something to pass by so they can be tazered, but who have no experience in actual defense or policing. Sounds like a plan to me.... No, really..

Now you see why I did not mention being 'surprised' at things going, just that they do go missing..

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