Monday, August 30, 2010

idjits and assholes.. and complaining

OK...  I have a problem with riding a bicycle on the street for more than just the sheer me being lazy aspect of it...  There is the 'fuck! I'm going to die! because people around here don't know how to take corners w/out cutting them aspect. There is also the reason that I have been driving and riding long enough to be pissed off when bicyclists are on the road and I have to go out of my way because the fuckers are going slow...

So when the road is blocked off to motorized traffic for the games and I have every right to be where I want to be and it's fucking pissing down, don't expect me to stop and reply to a  "f'ing idgit" with more than abject silence. If it is sunny out, don't expect me to give you the time of day when you can't be bothered to clean up the multiple piles of dogshit on the walkway.. And certainly, when I have a heavy bag on and am obviously tired and sweating, don't expect me to be the personification of a pure saint when you can't be bothered to move your lazy ass when all you are doing is lighting a smoke.

Seriously,  I understand the rules of the road, I really do.. However, when I have already passed multiple police, and they have better things to do and am not bothered with someone who is not blocking anyone, who is going out of their way to avoid people, you can just find something else to complain about..

I can think of a few things far more interesting than whinging about me.. Want them?

Rusty light-posts that are hardly going to attract the people who float by on those hotels on water.
The walkway which looks more like something out of a Rambo movie than a seaside town.
A pier which looks like it was left over from WWII and never remembered.
Bitching about a painted rock that has been that way for years and no one really knows the actual story, other than it's something good to complain about.

Get the picture?  The local sport is complaining rather than fixing.  I was in Largs a few weeks ago, and while the differences are wide in number, the basic idea of a walkway is the same. The main differences are: dedicated parking, dedicated walk/riding area, and overall quality.  The town itself has  basically the same idea: Get people in and their money.  Largs just has sorted it out better.

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