Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last month..

This is my last month in Sunny Scotland and a very small list of what have I learned so far?

  1. Like Everywhere else it has good points and bad points.
  2. Politics favours the loud
  3. Children are more worthy than anyone else regardless of how nice they may be.
  4. 'Speed Kills' even when it doesn't
  5. Racism is said to be present, even when it isn't
  6. People are generally nice
  7. People are generally helpful here.
  8. Pounds are spent like dollars so one who only has dollars needs to be more thrifty than one who has pounds.
  9. You can actually get decent coffee in the UK these days.
  10. Internet access is still pretty poor and is not looking to get much better
  11. I can be a good influence (note: me using my laptop in a cafe seems to have given cause for other people to do the same. :)
  12. Local heroes are not always sweet and innocent.
  13. Lots of local mums with baby carriers and not so many dads around.. Could just be shopping though.
  14. Like most places clipped hair makes people treat you differently than medium length hair.
  15. Need to get a small collection of gender bender plugs so I don't need to keep buying new devices..

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