Thursday, September 16, 2010

every dog has/her bone

finally got back to a mocha in the states and found the prices have gone up and the quality has neither improved or gone down..  
actually that is not true.  the wifi is on the blink, so i am using someone who can't be bothered securing their lan.  go me.  :) 

is that legal?  making use of something that is supposed to be provided? i'm not downloading files or updating the laptop, so the useage should be minimal.

not much to say really.

i came back to the states and found rain, clouds, and the shitty driving I had forgotten existed. there are a few bad drivers in the UK but they are the exception rather than the rule.  you are given so much shit by other drivers before getting a ticket in the mail, that carrying on that way just may not seem like a good idea.  here, you can just bitch to a lawyer and carry on your merry little way...    here i had to swerve out of someone's way  within 2 miles of starting up my bike for it's first ride.  not a resounding reminder of how things should be..

this is the enlightened society?  bollocks! this is the Me society.

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