Tuesday, September 14, 2010

f*ck me.. i got a tan in scotland!

it is a little known bit of geographic(geothermal? geowtf?) actuality that even though where I stayed is on roughly the same latitude as bits of Canada that spends more time freezing their privates off, I was outside in a teeshirt riding around on a bicycle..   and getting a tan.
sod the cost of flying down to Italy or France or other places for the 'culture'. the only culture I see these days is people sitting around with  a phone strapped to their ear before, during, and after, everything. why would I spend  money when I can crack open a recipe book or watch it on TV or get it on-line?
traveling by car is the suck...  traveling by plane is only worth while when you really don't want to fuck around waiting and being bored on a boat when you could have the fun and experience of jetlag!
traveling by train is the only way to go.. assuming you don't need to cross large bodies of water.

and now i am back in the states...  watching people fight over how close or how far buildings should be from each other and other solid demonstrations of just why america is laughed at. specific americans are thought of as good people but it is hard to remember them..

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