Tuesday, September 21, 2010

value for money

I left the US when it could be reasonable assumed a tall mocha could be purchased for well under 4 dollars and the quality would be there..

Times have apparently changed in the 4 months where a pound of my fave now costs a dollar more, a tall mocha now is about what Starbucks used to charge for the same thing a couple years ago and the quality now tastes not far off Starbucks..

I now need to find a place to go when my need to escape the house becomes too great.  

"Why don't you just brew your own coffee or espresso?" A fair question as I have my own drip coffee maker and a half decent espresso maker. The reason is that I like listening to people, the random snippets of conversation that you just don't get from TV or video when you can pause or rewind.  I am also forced to listen to what other people like and even have see what people consider 'cool'.
Why is this good?  Well, I don't exactly pay much attention to magazines or go out much, so paying attention in other methods is handy..

This is still going back to value for money. It costs money to get here as well. Gas is burned, tires are used up and I will need to replace helmets and jackets  as then are used..
Pity this place  does not have the  'charm' it once had..  I guess I always put it off, trying to pretend that it did..  Guess now that I am older, I see through the facade a  bit clearer. But I will always like my coffee, the cafes, and the random chats..
I think what really pulled the charm aways is the smoking ban.   It is quite established that smoking causes health issues, but I had some of my happiest moments combining coffee and cigs..

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