Wednesday, September 1, 2010

whoa it's a dark one

and no i'm not going to talk about some politically motivated topic here. or that pc either... 

back in July, the Sun went behind the hills around 10:30ish and you could still hope to see till a scratch on 11:00.. now, just two months later (has it been that long already??)  the hills are getting dim  around  by 9:00 it's like someone turned off a light switch. you better have good HID's or a huge stack of halogen bulbs if more than stars are showing up above.

it gets better apparently...  by better, i don't mean good..  since  this is far up from the equator, the summer months benefit a bit from the long summer hours but get crap summer winter minutes.  i suppose this would explain why some of the people i have seen around would scare a blank sheet of paper into hiding. and certainly blind me when sunlight hit their exposed ankled or forearms.. 

i wonder if a tanning salon would sell well here..  "come one,  come all.. " no  not while in the booth, matey...   this is just to give the impression you are rich and famous, like all your friends who moved away and sold their bodies  and got coke habits..  

for anyone who actually reads this blog.. some of the posts are true.. some of them are less than true.. some of them are enhanced and some of them are just outright fucking lies.  but all of them are mine...

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