Sunday, October 31, 2010

Laws in the UK...

The laws are very clear as to Rambo style knives and butterfly knives but there is really nothing at all about tools, other than saying blades cannot be pointed or locked or over three inches. I figure that if I can find a replacement blade, everything should be kosher. The mini tool is small enough that the cops can get stuffed..
The main thing that seems to get everyone's knickers in a twist is the pointy bit, and the locking feature. Even on wikipedia there is a note about a retired Police Inspector who got arrested for having a knife. Another (disabled) guy in this 60s who use the knife for peeling fruits got arrested....

I'm not sure of the insanity of this, since anyone with half a brain cell can take a bit of metal, a bit of rock and make a rusty old knife that is almost certainly going to do way more damage than a clean blade.. Nothing like combining a few more stabs with a dose of Tetanus to completely ruin your day. Bits of glass is also very popular.. But so long as everyone has the sense of safety and security, everything is good. Is the new way to create a safety net simply by banning bottles? That'll never happen. Just look at how well the idea of creating a general tax went down.. Everyone loves their drinkies too much..

If the claim is truly one of "we want to reduce crime and death", the first things that needs to happen is a reduction in the intake of high potency beverages and an increase in decent jobs.

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