Friday, November 19, 2010

Washington state roads..

This is a reply to the WSDOT and their addition of electronic signs and fare gathering....

"Hrrmm.. I get to look at flashy and distracting things (overhead) rather than concentrating on potential problems ahead... What private company got the contact? :)

A potentially better solution to me would be an audio (or video) warning installed at car level. Never mind asking people to merge lanes.. They won't. They will still drive up whatever lane they think will save a few seconds.. Only way would be physical gates.
The roads may be getting smarter but you are dealing with people who fail to bring along sunglasses for sunny days, maintain tires for rainy days...... Ever notice the bad delays whenever the change from bad to good or good to bad weather comes about? I thought so..

As for the rates? Is the DOT completely out of their minds? Who is going to be able to budget on an hour to hour basis??? Especially when it fluctuates that much... Seriously.. Anyone in support of a fluctuating rate either doesn't need to cross the bridge or doesn't need to worry about cash very much.

I like automated and wireless payment systems, but Washington state really needs to learn how it is done before implementing them. ORCA is a joke (to me at least). Any system that you need to wait 24 hours before getting to your plugged in ride money is a failure. The
Oyster card system in the UK is a good example.. yes they have had a good underground system for about 100 years and we voted one own about 30 years ago when it would have been a whole lot cheaper to build... But who's counting failures...

There is a quote that is along the lines of "Copying is the best sense of admiration" or something like it.. Copy London.. Get it right so people are actually inclined to use the mass transit, just like the millions of UK folks do.. Maybe the people here won't give up theiir SUV but honestly, there is no reason to. The seats on the light rail are hard, the delay on putting one's funds through, the fact they if you do not use that after (iirc) 90 day they become part of the DOT's wallet.... Hardly reasons to use the Bus/Lightrail

Hell, we don't even have a high speed train and according to Amtrak's page it takes longer by rail than driving.. When getting from Glasgow to London it takes 4.5 hours..

I suppose what I am saying is we are desperately behind the times... We are so wrapped up in political differences that no one can just say "Let's build it right the first time and out differences be damned!"

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