Saturday, December 18, 2010

An open letter to KCLS Library users and abusers..

I like libraries..
Mainly the The knowledge and music that can be sourced from them. Not so much the abject hatred towards fellow man when you wait for weeks, only to find the CD you wanted has some massive collection of scratches all over the business side. It is almost like people get items from the library so they don't have to pay for dog toys, or their badly behaved children to play with..  "Hey look at what I can do, mom!".  Maybe the reason I have visions of strapping you (not you if you don't do this) up to the front end of your pretty SUV's  is because I have well used CD's that are over 10 years old and might have a trace of thumb on one corner which is easily wiped off.

Library items should (I repeat: 'should') be taken care of with due care because most of the people visiting the library do actually own the items, even if it's in a small part from taxes. Do you not know that? Do you not care? Yes I know people tend not to give a rat's back side about things they didn't shed blood sweat and possibly a first born for, but seriously, some of us really just like to jam out to "You shook me all night long" w/out the shaking coming from track error correction.

Strangely, the items that seem to be in better condition (from the same age) are the AC/DC music ones. But aren't rockers those people who don't care about anything?  The Books-on-CD are the ones who are all scratched up and look like someone might have been using them as place mats.. One might think that I'm in a parallel uni  where the nerds and geeks who treasure such irreplaceable things would be the ones to have the, are the ones who just don't care..
I'm tempted to buy myself a good CD repair kit and try to repair some of these CD's.  It's not like anyone would notice the difference if the quality diminished....


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