Saturday, January 15, 2011

I can has Haggis and Fried Pizza

I'm booked... Outta here.. skeddaling(sp?).. Bailing.. Counting down the days..

Those who love me or even like me.. If there are any people I've not managed to really piss off over the years, consider this as the note that I am leaving the US.  Yes, I know I've managed to do piss many a person off with unbelievably dumb things, drinking far too much in a short amount of time, and generally not being a particularly good example of what a wonderful person should be.
In recent years though, due to one thing or another, I no longer visit bars, and that does save cash and my liver. That, sadly, was not the main reason behind it. Wasn't because of some request of the judicial system either.

The main reason I am bailing is not exactly from a need to escape the non-ending Sarah Palin threads either. The reason is almost one hundred percent financial, and making use of dual citizenship. "But you will pay high taxes!". Maybe, but I will  pay almost nothing in health care, and right now health care is killing me financially.  "but you can do.."  Maybe, but I find no pleasure here any more...  Sure I will miss people and for a long time I will wonder if the right choice was made.  Having my dog along with me will soothe those thoughts; the times when I wake up in the middle of the night, and wonder why I don't hear the familiar noises.  
Is is a huge mistake? Perhaps, but this I'm in a slump, slumps need to be dug out of, and at this point in my life I am no longer a spring chicken in the job industry. I know my limitations for the most part and I wish some were higher, but ah well.  Life's a bitch.

There are no regrets, or at least not many.  Aside from the energetic imbibing, I really don't regret much here in the US.  Yeah, I know this sounds half way to an obit posting, but consider that while some people  may only see me a few times a year, I'm usually around. As of March 2, I will be the better part of 5000 miles away.

I have some plans in the UK. Those will not be mentioned, simply because they are works in progress.

Up to around March, I'll be dumping and selling old computer bits, clothes, possibly some books, CAT5 cables, some vinyl records if they look OK, a small weight set..  Other stuff...  And finally, selling my Bike..

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