Sunday, March 13, 2011

british tv is the suck these days

OK Maybe I had too high of hopes and putting aside the realities of changes of time, but the last time I was here (other than last year),  you could still get though a tv show w/out a much of a break of advertisement or obvious political pressuring.  Maybe I'm just getting old.

These days, you get all the standard  US style ads of  "call this lawyer if you have been hurt!".  There is only one interesting advertisement from a Beer (some US company -  not Bud)  company. Interesting because I caught the end of a show called Dragon's Den, which is really quite boring but the premise is people bring in ideas to  rich business folks.  This one happened to be a advertisement idea which I thought quite good, but got turned down.  The idea was using a high pressure water jet with masks so you  have effectively a 'green' advertising method. Finite as there can only be so many clean surfaces and so many high pressure water jets, but who knows.....   Just today, there was a Beer ad using this very method, so whoever came up with this, will be sitting on a fair amount of cash...

I think basically there used to be a law where there had to be truth in advertising. I don't know if that was repealed or what, but I am seriously glad I brought a bank of dvd's.   Even the BBC iPlayer shoves ads in your face more often than I think you get on TV.

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