Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to improve the standing of things.. 4 legged things...

Taking the time to do a thing 'right' can end up taking more time. For example my dog who(yeah I'm one of those people who refer to my dog as a who rather than an it) has a minor condition on his rear end, and lacks the opposable thumb or the desire, but has the genetic code to have it brought down upon him, needs someone to keep this area clean because it apparently will not self heal.  They can be sewed up but with very limited success, and the creams available dedicated for this sort of thing are mind bogglingly expensive. Sometimes I think it would just be cheaper to get him a colostomy bag and have the whole area done away with. It's not like I don't know when he needs to go out for a #2. He's good about asking for a 'potty break' so the visual 'addition' would probably just be thought of as a benefit rather than a downside.  Do they even make colostomy bags for dogs?
As it is, I don't have a plastic bag of dogshit to stamp in someone's general direction when I get mad, I have been making use of what I do have. That would be the extender bit in the shower.  “Your dog in the shower? Are you mad(der than usual)!?”  Fair question.  For me this was strictly to wash the rear of my dog's bottom for and the area around the soreness as quickly and as with as less rubbing or pulling or generally making it worse by missing things..  When you have a dog who smells  up a house in less than 10 minutes, there is some degree of an incentive to try and keep your dog  clean.  Note, this is only the very rear, and not the whole of him.  I'm pretty sure any shower drainage system couldn't manage dog fur  from a full on german shepherd.  I can handle a bit of the smell of wet dog as it will fade out in a few minutes, but not smell which make me vaguely nauseous.

There is another side benefit to all this. There is  certain degree of stress put upon my dog and he crashes out in his bed once he's been dried off. He's discovered the wonders of hair driers as well. That is, the nice warm air passing over him  and only him.
I have no words of wisdom here, no views of religion of those people who cling to dusty books.. Only a few pre-sleep thoughts on how I keep my dog's backside the best it can be...

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