Thursday, March 3, 2011

killing time at the airport is the suck

one day there will be hyperspeed train lines across the oceans, but until that day arrives, I am sitting at the airport killing time because of all the security measure which are in place, the need to clean (hopefully) the arrived plane out before i sit down for ~8 hours of grueling and boring flight.  they say you can get up and move about the cabin, but in reality, no one ever does and in practicality there is no room to do anything other than slog off to the minuscule bathrooms where unless you happen to be a person of small stature, you are going to find more on you leaving, than when you entered

it's really not a hate filled thing as much as a exercise in trying to make those people who spend thousands more, feel better about themselves. the rest of us have an a/c  room with a nice view of planes coming in and going, if they are so interested. the seats are hard and the bottled water brought in is hardly offered to those unwashed masses.

i'm just killing before stepping on the plane, so this is all based on now and prior flight. maybe this flight will be stupendous.

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