Friday, March 18, 2011

a small world?

A commercial flight may take you a few hours in a cramped tube where you will most likely either share or collect some horrible sinus infection. The recipient will get to point B wondering why they are blowing yellow snot out for the majority of their vacation. In my younger days, the plane was a great place, where they still piped in fresh air and you could still get through security in a matter of moments rather than the better part of an hour. OH and the Russians were still the boogeymen to be feared because they had lots of military might.. Now we are scared crapless by  individual who while can kill people, haven't got near the a percentage of the killing power of most of the military forces that the West used to be frightened of.

A cruise ship is something I've never been one and judging by the huge amounts of food that is always available, as is the bacteria, I'm not sure I want to start.

I'm OK with it all though because the web makes massive distances feel minuscule. I sit here listening to's web broadcast. kexp is a station based roughly 4700 miles away from the local community radio station based not more than 2 miles down the road. If the content broadcast was the same, the only way to tell the location of origination would be the web address.
Music, good smelly cheese, good walks with the dog, and sleeping in for no particular reason really makes peoples' problems seem......... lame. Now, I hope I don't the mention practical problems like surviving are obviously not lame.

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