Saturday, March 26, 2011

why'd i move here?

a question i seem to get asked more often than i would care.

but where else do you get attack and nuclear submarines going in and out ready for the 'big day'? where else do you hear about submarines being directed into an inappropriately shallow piece of water, so a bit of that submarine goes 'bong' when there should really be no  noise emanating from it?  then, shortly after being repaired, is damaged again.  
where else is there a ferry dock designed to load on as the cars are being load taken off, but the structure to do this is built before the ferry is supplied, and so there is now a million pound parking lot?  i mean, it works very nicely and looks nice, but that blasted ferry still  hasn't shown up.

with all that, the light poles and hand rails  are still a bit rusty in more than a few places.

why'd i move here?
other than the free health care? which seems to provide a shed load of jobs (funny how that works..).
there is sweet F A serious crime.
glasgow is about an hour away if i want the drunk and drug experience.
most of the shops don't bitch when i can't be bothered hitching my dog up to an outside pole pole before walking in.

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