Tuesday, April 5, 2011

why i miss the old bbs days vs the 'new' social media days....

    04:24:05 95May27 From [lawn enforcement officer] John
not even then.  i hope to never see that tattoo again for as long as i live.

    12:28:00 95May27 From [i'm] Ian [cute]
such a secret

    12:36:04 95May27 From Ana Ng
 i have beer in my fridge.
 who woulda thunk it.

'you are the kind of woman who gives womanhood a bad name.' - livia

    05:16:12 95May28 From nize
 it's my beer
 give it back!

'silicone tits of death'

    06:25:09 95May28 From Livia
 (every time i bypass this room, i keep trying to think of a suitable geek-pun
on "thunk".  oh well.  too late now)

    13:04:56 95May28 From [i'm] Ian [cute]
if you were walking by a building and a window fell off of it and thunk you on
the head, it would hurt
 ...never mind.

    17:16:18 95May28 From Ana Ng
 you can't have your beer back.
 it's mine.

'you are the kind of woman who gives womanhood a bad name.' - livia

    00:26:25 95May29 From nize
 i'll know how to associate with you in the future
 and after i GAVE you one for free
 it's not the cost, it's the thought
 ana is a cheapie
 so be it

'silicone tits of death'

    00:47:32 95May29 From Livia
 ana is living with nize?
 how sweet

    01:06:35 95May29 From Growling Succubus
she only wishes

    11:47:30 95May29 From Ana Ng
 i wouldn't live with him if i were paid
 a million dollars.
 that would be hell on earth.
 ny this ny that

'you are the kind of woman who gives womanhood a bad name.' - livia

    12:20:36 95May29 From nize
 ny is cool
 -webster hall
 -tom's diner
 -the tunnel
 i just want you to acknowledge that fact
 and having no desire to listen to me rant about ny
 even for a million dollars
 is truly surprising
 seeing how cheap you are

'silicone tits of death'

    13:27:49 95May29 From Livia
 if ny is so fucking cool, why do you bother to come back?

    14:18:50 95May29 From [i'm] Ian [cute]
I would move in with Nize for a million dollars. How long would I have to stay?
 If it's the thought that's bothering you about Ana having your beer, then why
in the world did you do something as silly as to leave it in her refrigerator?

    14:50:31 95May29 From nize
 livia;  because
         i like to travel
 ian;  it's not the thought of having my beer
       it's the thought of not returning something
       that is not rightfully yours
       and i left it in her refrigerator
       so that we might have something to drink at a possible later date
       but now that i think about it
       i wouldn't want to drink with ana

'silicone tits of death'

    18:04:31 95May29 From Ana Ng
 i refuse to argue this point and any future points

'you are the kind of woman who gives womanhood a bad name.' - livia

    19:33:16 95May29 From [i'm] Ian [cute]
Any future points? Any? Come on now, don't you think that's a bit extreme?
 Okay, if you left it there saying something like, "Here, I'll leave this here
so we can drink it together sometime in the future," then I say that you are
probably justified in wanting it back. However, I don't believe that Ana has
any obligation to do the actual returning; she just has an obligation not to
drink it.
 However, if you do not retrieve the beer promptly, then I say that your rights
to it go away, unless you start to pay her for storage costs. (It is taking
room in her refrigerator, you know, room that she could be using to store stuff
that is hers. Even if her refrigerator is not particularly full (I don't know,
as I have never seen the inside of it), it's the principle of using someone
else's space to store your property.) This is unless, of course, the two of you
have agreed upon some prior storage arrangement, in which she said that she
would store the beer for you until you returned to get it back (or drink it
together). For example, I have one of Livia's computers here in the basement of
this house. When I accepted the responsibility of storing it, it was pretty
clear that I would store it with no reimbursement or other benefit to me.
(Actually, she would probably let me use it if I desired; I think this might
have been discussed at the time. It's been about ten months, though, so my
memory is a bit unclear.)
 So, to keep from losing your property rights, I would suggest that you arrange
to retrieve your beer fairly promptly. I don't know how you are set for
transportation, but as you were able to get to her place to give her the beer,
I assume that you can probably find a way to get back there within a week. I
say that a week from now is plenty of time. If you make a good-faith effort to
get the beer, and Ana refuses to allow you to come for some reason, then that's
good enough: it would then be Ana's actions that would be causing it to
continue to take space in her refrigerator, not yours.
 So, to summarize, unless the two of you have made some prior arrangements that
I do not know about, nize should make a good-faith effort to retrieve the beer
within the next week. ("good-faith" means that showing up at the building at
3AM and using the speaker phone there at the front door to call and ask to get
it back doesn't count: that is unreasonably short notice, at an unreasonable
time. Call at a reasonable time with reasonable notice to arrange a time for
 If he fails to make any such effort (or give reasonable reasons for not being
able to do so), then the beer should be considered Ana's to do with as she
 If Ana fails to comply with nize's good-faith efforts to retrieve his beer,
then the beer should continue to be considered his, and Ana should not be able
to do with it as she pleases. ("Failing to comply" covers, for example, nize
calling at 4PM on some afternoon this week, saying that he'll be able to come
by at about 5PM, and Ana refuses to allow him in for some reason. In this case,
nize made an honest effort to retrieve his beer, but was not allowed to through
no fault of his own.)
 This is, of course, just my view of the situation, having imperfect knowledge
of the actual events that lead to nize's beer ending up in Ana's refrigerator.

    01:00:07 Memorial Day '95 From nize
 and lo and behold
 i made an honest effort to retrieve the beer today
 (just to prove my point)
 and, after being invited inside
 ana says 'i'm not giving back your beer'
 and firmly stood right in front of her refrigerator
 which once again proves my point
 that ana is cheap

'silicone tits of death'

    01:55:59 Memorial Day '95 From Livia
 sounds more like ana is being obnoxious
 go, ana!

    08:48:43 Memorial Day '95 From Black Adder
you people have too much time.

bite me

    10:36:03 Memorial Day '95 From nize
 which is why i'm driving out
 to the olympic peninsula today
 ian;  wanna go for a drive?

'silicone tits of death'

    11:37:22 Memorial Day '95 From scorpio
 you two shoudl like look at yourselves and notice how incredibly stupid this
 it seems strange to me that ana does not want to give the beer back
 even though she thought it tasted like shit..
 and when i asked if i could have one, she wouldn't let me have one.
 it seems like a childish reaction that even if you don't 'want to play
 with the toy, nobody else can' type of thing.. it's very textbook
 since we have two interpretationsof what nize said about leaving the beer
  ana says; 'he gave it to me' (even though she doesn't like it)
  nize says; 'i saved it to drink at a later date'
  if ana's statment is true, nize is basically an indian-giver,
  but roya should be more kind to a so called friend and just accept
  a shortcoming or two and just give it back. and i'll repeat again
  she doesn't even like the stuff, what use is it to her? she wouldn't
  even give me one..
  if nize's statement is true, he didn't actually say she could have it
  so her possesive attitude is not very well justified, but nize also
  should also be more wary of leaving his own things in other peoples
  places.. especially if he already he a premonition about her
  so called cheapness
  what i would like to know, is what value the beer is to her..
  why is it so important to her?

    15:44:38 Memorial Day '95 From [HBO] John [Q & A]
 if it is one beer, the refrigerator owner may drink it.

    19:08:07 Memorial Day '95 From [why you gotta be tense] myth [relax]
  who the fuck cares about who has whose fucking beer?
  do the words "lighten up" mean anything to anyone?

a million dollars worth of macaroni and cheese, you treacherous snake women.

    20:48:16 Memorial Day '95 From [i'm] Ian [cute]
Two beers. Normal-sized-looking bottles. (12 oz?)
 I'd say at this point in time that Ana is probably in the wrong about the
possession of the beer. If, however, nize had explicitly given it to her, then
she is not morally in the wrong, but is being a bit of a poop.
 I will be driving to the Olympic Peninsula (to Port Townsend, actually) this
weekend (Saturday morning). I'll be returning sometime Sunday afternoon, or
perhaps evening.

    23:59:49 Memorial Day '95 From Ana Ng
 1. nize's best friend john left me the beer. it was placed into my ownership.
 2. the beer in question is two bottles of red hook wheat ale.
 3. i do not know who paid for it, but as john said i could have it,
    i assumed he paid for it or assumed the responsibility of ownership.
 4. my refrigerator is pretty d*mn full right now.
 6. nize never calls before he shows up. although i'm sure i've made it
    very clear i do not appreciate unexpected visits.
 7. i did not stand in front of my refrigerator. if you were so perfectly
    capable of making your way through my blocking the door and into my room
    i'm sure you can open up a simple little refrigerator door. seeing
    as how you were so desperate to get into the room in the first place.
 8. yes i like being obnoxious.
 9. yes i am being possessive.
 10. serves him right.
 11. the beer is pretty disgusting. but i'll probably drink it some time.
 12. lighten up.
 13. get a life.
 14. the end.

'you are the kind of woman who gives womanhood a bad name.' - livia

    00:48:15 95May31 From Growling Succubus
if she said "i'm not giving back your beer"
 she's ackowledging that it's actually his beer, and therefore isbeing stupid
and immature
 a fact that is supported by her statement "the beer is pretty disgusting. but
i'll probably drink it some time." in which she's obviously implying "even
though I don't enjoy it, I am going to drink the beer, simply to spite you,
and/or simply to get drunk" which is obviously stupid and immature as well.
 like that's anything new from ana.
 like it would take more then 3 sips to get her rip-snorting drunk anyway.

    01:07:16 95May31 From nize
 and there you all have it
 although ana's accounts are not all accurate
 (and quite damn contradictory at that)
 i rest my case
 ian;  where will you be staying?
       or will you be driving for over 24 hours straight?

'silicone tits of death'

    03:06:25 95May31 From Livia
 how can you rest your case when you haven't even responded to the new
evidence?  i certainly don't remember any mention of a third party before
 and i think ana would have a right to be just as obnoxious and possessive as
she likes to someone who persists in dropping by unannounced even after being
told that she would prefer he call first
 dropping by is a very self-centered thing to do, really.  it assumes that the
droppee doesn't have an independent life, but is just waiting in some sort of
vague semi-stasis for that knock on the door

    12:49:49 95May31 From nize
 you've just described ana
 in that last pharagraph there
 the third party
 has nothing to do with the beer
 as the beer was purchased by myself alone
 therefore, the third party evidence can be dismissed

'silicone tits of death'

    14:43:06 95May31 From ana ng
 no, if you would put on those reading glasses of yours
 which you obviously need, you would notice she was talking about
 YOUR unexpected visit. i have never dropped by unexpected at your place
 mostly because due to your insecurities about your place of residence
 nobody's ever even been inside your house before, but mainly
 because i'm polite and tend to call people first or give them advance
 notice before dropping by. as you so failed to do, and fail to do
 quite frequently.
 but that's really not the subject here.
 it's the beer, which i was LEAD TO BELIEVE was bought by john
 because john had passed up ownership rights to me.    
 this fact and this fact alone dismisses anything else you have to say.
 whatever i said about the beer being disgusting or keeping it
 and not letting you have it is purely my own obnoxiousness
 rubbing it into your face because it's not yours and you can't have it back.
 it is in my possession now.
 and by the way, your last message regarding being 'invited'
 is quite contradictory because you were not invited over.
 had you asked before coming first, you may have been invited
 but dropping by unannounced is not an invited visit.
 therefore, it is you who is being contradictory and hypocritical
 and i would look at your own statements before judging
 something where you don't know what the hell you're talking about.
 get a clue.
 oh and wesley
 it's a known fact that you've been pretty drunk in your time
 take a look in a mirror sometime, beer boy
 stupidity and immaturity are no more than a reflection away ...

'you are the kind of woman who gives womanhood a bad name.' - livia

    19:04:34 95May31 From [i'm] Ian [cute]
While it might be immature to want to drink beer just to get drunk (even though
it is disgusting tasting), it's about the only thing that beer is good for
(since it is disgusting tasting).
 So, nize, assuming you did buy the beer, why did you let John "give" it to
Ana? It seems to me like you ought to have a talk with John, given the current
direction of all of this.
 And, is it true that you had to push your way into her room, and that she did
not stand in front of the refrigerator? Or, if she did stand in front of the
refrigerator, did you not make any attempt to get by her?
 And, were you aware that she does not appreciate unannounced visits? If aware
of this, did you think about it as you visited unannounced?
 Also, when nize said that Livia described you in her last paragraph, I am sure
that he meant the "it assumes that the droppee doesn't have an independent
life, but is just waiting in some sort of vague semi-stasis for that knock on
the door" part of it. Meaning, I assume, that he feels that you don't have an
independent life, but are just waiting in some sort of vague semi-stasis for
that knock on the door.
 I will be staying either in a house on some point near Port Townsend, or on a
boat tied to a dock in Port Townsend. I'll decide Saturday evening.
 Oh, and to summarize my current feelings on the possession of the beer: I feel
that Ana has a right to dispute nize's claim to it now, as she could well
honestly believe that John had the right to give her the beer. Now, however, we
get into a bit of a tight situation: as John doesn't call here, the only person
that we have to tell us whether it was John's beer to give away is nize, who
(obviously) is not a disinterested third party. Therefore, we will probably
never know for sure who's beer it really is.
 I suggest that Ana be allowed to keep it at this point. While it is true that
it still could be nize's beer, it could be considered payment for dropping by
unannounced. Also, if it is indeed Ana's beer, it would be more inconvenient
for her to get more. That is, if it is unrightly being awarded to Ana, then
nize is out no more than the cost of a couple of bottles of beer. If it were to
unrightly be awarded to nize, then Ana would have no easy way to replace the
beer: it is much harder for a 19-year-old to get beer than a
 At this point, it could be brought up that Ana should not legally be allowed
to possess alcohol. I do not know the exact wording of the law, but it probably
is in violation of it for her to have it. Because of this, perhaps the beer
should be kept from her, on legal grounds. However, as nize is responsible for
her having the beer (even if John gave it to her, he would not have been in
Ana's room without the nize influence), I am not sure if this can be claimed to
be morally right.
 Perhaps nize is just trying to avoid future legal problems relating to
supplying a minor with alcohol? I doubt it, but it is a possibility.

    21:27:36 95May31 From ana ng
 brent you might be interested in knowing robyn hitchcock
 appears on my rem bootleg on several songs
 i stood in front of my door, or rather in the passage-way between
 the door and the wall blocking him from coming in and he pushed his way in
 this was in the last visit to retrieve the beer, not the initial visit
 with john. but i did not stand in front of the fridge.
 you also might be interested in knowing there
 is only one bottle of beer left now.

'you are the kind of woman who gives womanhood a bad name.' - livia

    03:53:09 95Jun01 From Livia
 then it may soon be a very moot point indeed
 unless ana keeps that last bottle indefinitely just to torment nize

    11:13:27 95Jun01 From nize
 i'm being tormented

'silicone tits of death'

    11:55:40 95Jun01 From scorpio
 everyone comes by royas place unannounced, i've done it, brent has done it
 nize has done it (obviously)
 roya has never made a big fuss about that up until now..

    13:12:21 95Jun01 From Livia
 well, if i ever go to roya's place, i'll call well in advance
 so there

    14:36:03 95Jun01 From [i'm] Ian [cute]
I have never gone to Ana's place unannounced.
 I can only think of about five or so times that I have been, there, and all of
those times, I feel that she had plenty of knowledge of my arrival. (One of the
times, I did not talk to her first, but the person I arrived with claimed to
have, and when we arrived, she acted as if she knew that we were coming.)
 I remember talking to her about three weeks ago, she said that someone had
just stopped by unannounced, and we had a little talk about it, in which she
made clear (to me at least) that she did not appreciate this. However, my
belief is that she doesn't really seem to make a big deal about it when it
happens, so others might believe that she doesn't mind. I don't know for sure,
as I do not know much about this.
 I believe that if you are going to drink one beer, you might as well drink
both. You are not that much smaller of a person than I am, and after a single
beer, I don't tend to get that much of a reaction. Rather than two smaller
reactions, I think that one fairly decent reaction is preferable.
 Depending on how you were acting when you were standing in your door, nize
very well might have broken the law when gaining access to your room. If you
were just sort of teasingly standing there, he might have a good argument that
he thought it was just some sort of game. However, if you were forceful in
saying that you didn't want him to come in, then he really cannot claim this.
 I'll play my Robyn Hitchcock recordings with Michael Stipe and Peter Buck
playing on them for you if you play your REM recordings with Robyn Hitchcock
playing on them for me, baby.

    17:42:04 95Jun01 From Growling Succubus
 I have been in nize's house, so you are wrong when you say no one has been in
nize's house... I've even met his mom, and I've even, gasp, seen his room.
 the last time I stopped by ana's place, unannounced, (well, it was really
acacia's place, but ana was staying there during the summer months, and this is
beside the point) she ended up getting hit by a white Toyota Celica, and having
to spend several hours in harborview. perhaps this has given her bad feelings
about unannounced drop by's....

    18:24:55 95Jun01 From ana ng
 well for reference sake, the bottle of beer was not drunken by me, it was
given to bladder who drank it in front of me and i believe he relieved himself
at denny's (well he came back from the bathroom pretty pleased..) so the beer
has since then been digested and passed through into the sewer system or
wherever it goes. this was in exchange for something else. apparently he likes
beer so it wasn't a waste. the other bottle is still sitting in my fridge as of
 brent is correct in saying he has never dropped by unnannounced which i
appreciate and if i haven't said it already, thank you brent. i haven't made a
big fuss when scorpio has dropped by, though i'm pretty sure it was rather
obvious by my general confusion and annoyed (well maybe) look. if not then i
suppose in the future i should voice that fact more, but really, when someone
comes by you can't kick them out or not answer your door (especially if you
live in one room with a stereo going loud so that it is audible from outside
the door that you are home) and telling them you do not appreciate the
unexpected visit is just as good as saying you don't want to see them anymore.
which isn't really what i like to say to people i like, being my friends and
 and no i was not 'teasingly standing there' as i don't generally 'teasingly
stand' anywhere. i'm pretty sure it could be classified as illegal but i really
don't care about that that much. i mentioned it to prove that he said he was
'invited' when he was not, which was a contradicting statement regarding what
really happened.
 wes, that was also probably when i was still living with my ex-roommate.
unexpected visits were quite common then.
 brent, he's kind of annoying but okay. he sings on 'mrs. robinson.'

'you are the kind of woman who gives womanhood a bad name.' - livia


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