Sunday, May 22, 2011

The balance of health

I wandered up an aisle at the local market a few days ago. An aisle I normally do not use, and was astounded to see the placement of items  for people to pick and choose.  Maybe this is just the standard way doing things that I'm not used to but on one hand I am away of people complaining and on the other I'm away of the need to get people shopping..
What did I see you ask?  Before I answer that, be aware that in the UK it is legal to sell alcohol in stores rather than in liquor specific places..  This aisle was the beverage aisle with the first third or so was given over to wines, the next portion was given over to a few feet of fancy beers. The next third was all the crappy beers on one side and the other had as much hard alcohol as you could buy. The remaining bit was given over to sugar laced sodas on one side, and the other had a few examples of bottled water...

There are health problems in this country......... Really?

To be fair though, as a kid, the first thing you would smell while walking around would be cigarette smoke from most of the people wandering around. The size of the average person was not exactly a testament to beauty and care. 
Now a days with the ban on smoking in public places,  you might get a few people sulking in corners.  There are even a few people riding around on bikes and looking like they know what the sun is. Dental care is improved.  I myself still have a chipped front tooth from  a sad meeting with the ground a while ago. but no one seems to care. 

Scotland recently passed (actually I think it was signed last year, but it was put into effect recently) that most, if not all all medication is free. Saves me a shed load :)  I think that in itself has probably paid for the flight, my phone and most of the stupid costs(bread, milk, air, water, chocolate, coffee) of living here. compared to the monthlies of US health care. 
 I say Long Life Socialized Healthcare! Y'all have no idea what it's like until the weight is off your shoulders. Is it perfect? Of course not, but it's better than 400 a month+100 a month I was paying  before I walked in the door.

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