Thursday, May 5, 2011

stupid scammers

today: there are a couple scam cold calls in the uk going around..  they have been calling me, telling me i have 4 viruses in my computer which I don't know about. today i got xfer'd to their 'windows support'  "Derick". which is very amusing considering i haven't used windows for ages. . as soon as i said that >click<

a couple days ago:  i got into something approaching WWIII with some customer servicer person from the same person who would not tell me what operating system I have nor the problems I have.   after hanging up, i looked this all up and found that they basically call people and then  them there are all these scary sounding problems which probably don't exist, but don't give any information. the then insist on getting one's information to connect to the computer and 'fix' it.    

about a month ago, there was someone on the phone who would not give any information about the problem or operating system.

i suppose if  i had just started out with a computer, i'd be taken in by them, but as i do not have Windows nor have i just started out with computers, having  a bit of cheap fun at the their expense was  morally ok. or just fun at some person's expense..  i just wish I had caller ID here so i could post the number far and wide..  :(  

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