Monday, June 20, 2011

The 90's boy that I am....

Out of the blue, and powered by Amazon and Royal Mail, a box arrived in the mail. The contents were something I had not really not thought of for the better part of 15-20 years, and I wager most people on the planet have not either.  After the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer was 'solved', then posted over the various channels there really was no need to keep a vigil for the series other than the die-hard fans. 

I do see the good points of  Twin Peaks, the brilliant aspects of it, but there are so many parts of the series that I had a hard time feeling anything other than a  "When is this character going to slit their wrists and disappear?" The super-natural aspect was good, but brought on like a 10lb mallet for the idiot fans rather than keeping it interesting and the last episode, frankly is a complete waste of time other than about the first minute or so and the last 30 seconds.

The character development was also pretty questionable. The stereotype of: Town Bully, Town slut, Town babe,  Town hero, town idiot,  are too forced. Or is that just me?

If it sounds like I am bagging on the series, I am. Only because it should and could have been so much better. Even the characters you are supposed to care for the most, I found myself not giving a rat's backside. Everything was so done in a such ham-fisted fashion in the 2nd season it spoiled the brilliance of the 1st season.

That said, it is totally worth watching all the way through  because the good parts really are brilliant. It could have easily been a feature film, had  the editor  clipped out all the crappy bits. which would have probably left a 1.5 hour short film rather than a 10 DVD pack.

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