Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hate, fear, control, lack of compassion. I seem to remember being taught, while still in a, Catholic primary school, then in a Jesuit high-school, non of those.  At least nothing above and beyond the usual kid level stuff. Sure the basic religious teachings were drilled in, but I don't remember anywhere that wishing AIDS or cancer  upon anyone.
Did  I just go to the wrong schools? My belief in religion faded a long time ago. I honestly don't remember exactly when other than it started with the desire to sleep in on a Sunday morning. Sleeping in was more preferable to Church. After that point, I just stayed in and felt... better.  I'm no saint, and from time to time I have made minor mistakes, but nothing like actually wishing a slow and drawn out death upon anyone. If there is a God, isn't that the judgement for him and him alone?

Moving on to Fear. I just don't get Fear. OK I By that I mean instilling fear in people. Is it because the person next to you does or doesn't actually look different?  Are you more afraid when you can't clearly demonize them unless they do or say something to identify themselves? ? Is that it? Are you seriously that so thin skinned about your surroundings that you worry about what someone might do or say?  Scaremongering and Dehumanizing  are  cheap. They are poor tactics used by people who don't actually have anything of value to sell, but sadly, works well.   Look how well it has worked in the past. Jews were literally called 'vermin'. You tell people that enough times, and people believe even the silliest of things.

Control. "We like control. We like our women barefoot and preggers, or we would if that was still legal.".  I'm not sure what to say about control other than if people don't see how humans like to control others, they need to have their eyesight checked.  Give a small group of people a small amount  of power and they'll run with it like Olympian sprinters.

Compassion, or the lack of.  I have not flipped the pages of the Bible for many years, but I also seem to remember one of the big things from Jesus was compassion.  I just fail to get how people  are able to look themselves in the mirror after saying  something equivalent to "Love everyone, except those homos, those blacks, oh, and those people with those funny costumes over their heads".  Sounds silly, but sadly that is the acid which comes out of the most vocal few.

I know it  is a long time ago from those Catholic days, and even the Jesuit days,. but even though I do see  no point for organised religion in today's ability to share information. That said, the schools  were good, the teachers were good, and dedicated.  Does this mean everyone will run rampant if there is no controlling 'force'? Probably.   Most of my 'good' morals came from the good old days of Catholicism, and I do wonder if a lack of negative reinforcement will have questionable  lasting consequences. It doesn't have to be  'God'. But there does have to be a consequence for one's actions for humans to last.
This is 100% poorly written opinion with no basis in fact or reference material.

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