Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hi I'd like to get a ticket through to Glasgow for this weekend

"Sorry, You'll have to wait until the ferry comes in,  "

"So I can't get a ticket through to Glasgow for this weekend?"

"No.  Sorry. You have to get your ticket on the ferry"

"That is  ( pause for collecting thoughts so I don't totally explode at some poor fucker who doesn't deserve it) really stupid..  This means need to plan my travel times almost on the throw of of dice..    Western Ferries, here I come."

Ok. The back story to this is roughly that there are two companies which run the lines that connect the peninsula where I live to the mainland. One of them, decided that they were not getting enough car travel   justify the use of a paid off boat which carries cars and foot passengers, and instead, drop the car service. Note that as I don't have a car the dropping cars bit doesn't bug me nearly as much as the other bit. They used to have a little office where you could walk in and get tickets for either the trip you are going on or a raft of tickets. This saved you the hassle of getting on board to get tickets and also allowed you to  sort out your travel time that you may make in the future. They have gone and closed this very useful office which means any time I want to get a ticket, I will need to ride up,  find a fucking place for my bike, lock the fucking thing, hope no one damages it while I am gone, get the tickets, hope the fucking ferry doesn't leave while getting them, and then return. Utter bullshit.
So unsurprisingly, as I rode past the Western Ferries, they seem to be doing very well Even on off-peak  hours...

Am I annoyed?  Oh  yes... Even for someone who doesn't drive, this is creating a hassle.. For the none people who wonder how a ferry can get to Glasgow, the 'ticket through' covers the train trip as well. 

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