Wednesday, June 8, 2011

keeping one's mouth shut is a good thing..

So there's this cafe I go to and just hang out for lack of better places with free (or any) wifi, which of course means  I become fairly chatty with the people who work there and one or two of the regulars. today i went outside with one of the baristas and a friend of his  on his smoke break and got invited to go for a beer.  OK, no problem..  the problem is this " cool I'll be the old guy hanging out with young folk..".   they gave me quizzical look and ask how old I am? to which I ask how old do they think I am..  One reply is 24, the other reply is 27... I could have just been OK at that point, but my big mouth steps in and helps out with "Nope, 38".  
 Possibly a good thing to be honest as I would be pushing 20 years on each of them and any girls they have with them.  I think I'd feel a bit out of place.
But to actually hang out in a town where I don't really know anyone else would be a nice change.

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