Friday, March 16, 2012

far flung web corners of the globe

I know this has been talked about before.  The idea of far flung reaches of the globe seems almost irrelevant these days.  Either you can afford a flight, or you can watch a video related to that part of the globe.   Not so long ago,  it was an adventure to go 100 miles AWAY from people. Now  100 miles is  nothing more than a train or bus  trip. Last year,  I was ~4500 miles away from my own brother. now it is ~400 miles and about 4 hours via train. With all the assorted museums in London, minutes away by tube.

Up in Scotland one gets the midges, the rain and even some blue sky. The days of blue sky make all the grey ones vanish.

This is all getting off topic  which is simply that all it takes is a phone line, a web cam and a laptop and a person can be connected to their family wherever they happen to be.  Even a phone line is not strictly necessary these days so long as some cell coverage is present.  Getting off the 'grid' is a phrase I've heard a bit in the last year or two, and in a lot of ways it is very tempting. In the UK it seems reasonably impossible given the massive amount of cctv cameras present.  If you visit other countries, you hear comments about what might happen to you. 
The world just seems very box like to me. If you go out, someone is watching. If you go home, someone wants to know how things where. If you go out of that country's balloon, bad things will happen....
I just can't believe that people have changed in my life time. evolution isn't THAT.. Maybe it is just that both my bags were searched by TSA rather than just one of them. Maybe it is the stupid justifications given for needing hand guns. In the UK, there's the paranoia of knives. I don't know how but I no longer wake up feeling 'good'.  Maybe I just need to find a cave in some far flung part of the world. Sadly, it would probably be someone's private cave.

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