Thursday, March 15, 2012

the new g+ and facebook layups..

They drive me up the fecking wall.

Did someone go around and shoot people with graphic awareness? Or did I just get old and incapable of seeing what a decent desktop/textbox/poster/etc looks like? Seriously, I still like music that is bordering on bleading ears and given the cash, I would be out and about on two wheels, even though the weather is shit. 

Maybe I am just getting old. Maybe I have always been unwilling to see the benefit in eyecandy screens that do feck all other than use up system resources.

A couple other things I like to see on my Google Dashboard:
Web History is paused
Your search history is currently empty.
Google doesn't exactly make it a one click process to pause this as signing into your very own desktop is apparently different than your own account/profile.
Scroll down and down until you come to the Web History  and open up the "Remove items or clear Web History" link the process of all that is pretty simple. 

Last thing I want is my desktop playing CIA in how it records what I click on "to make things easier"  WTF.

Some days..  Most days even, I just don't see a bright sun in the blue sky. I see the internet and wonder exactly what is going to be recorded to make the world 'safe'
The worst thing terrorists can do is kill. All they have to do is instill paranoia.. Which they seem to have done very effectively.  I forget the quote, but it goes something like "You can kill the man, but not the idea... " You also tend to piss off the supporters when you kill the person
Slightly related to that.. On a whim I watched a program series (called Storyville)  about the Afghan Cricket club's rise from basically a garden group to world level club...  The first thing you hear is the a line of radio saying "Valiant Taliban freedom fighters.. " It is not alluded to in the brodcast but one's man freedome fighter is, what exactly? ;)
The players go through heathrow, meeting people from different countries for the first time in their lives; Japanese tourists who don't speak english very well either but who get along with them well because everyone smiles, English, an American who doesn't know what cricket is. It is often interesing to see people from different parts of the world where all you have had is mass media telling you they are something, then finding out people are basically like everywhere else.
I'm unbeliveably selfish in terms of culture because I like the variations in food.  UK food for the most part is pretty shit.  One can only live on pork pies, stews and mild cheeses for so long w/out going slighty mad. Which reminds me. I have a shed load of tandoori spice and cumin I need to package up..
I really should get back using blogger this as I detest facebook and googs new format. I'm game for pointless comments, but that is about what facebook/G+ is worth.

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