Saturday, April 14, 2012

Small Differences

These days you can just about get from one side of the Earth to another  w/out too much jet lag. And yet the differences in cultures are there to be found even in 'cultured' societies.

Today, I was just about to sit down on the bus and it took off, with me in the process of getting my back wedged against the  stairs I'd just missed.  Sure if that had been filmed, it would have been hilarious. But that's not really the end.  The bus driver  glanced over (I think) and just kept on going. There were no inquiries of  "Are you OK?" from the people who I had just gone by. Nor panicked stops from the driver to consult the insurance papers in regards to falling passengers..  While I was a bit sore and grumbly for a few minutes, it went off.

The bus just went along as if nothing had happened... If that had happened in Seattle( or a lot of the US) somehow, I don't the bus would have kept on going smoothly..

Saw Apollo 18..  And simply to answer the  line of Why haven't we gone back??   because it would make an utterly shit film. 

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