Thursday, May 3, 2012

Drugs and Humans


hrrm. You Can buy reasonably strong codeine/paracetamol  effervescent w/out prescription,  at Boots..   One would think the  chemical addictive properties of codeine is worse than less of so behavioural  than cannabis.
I'm not saying things should be legalized exactly, but not too long ago I  was able to dig up that illegal drugs account for just over 8% of the world's market.  And people ask why other people get involved. There's a shed ton  of £££. When you have none, and see people with a lot, it looks tempting. So when I see people who have enough, saying "why do people.." Go live on the street for a month

 When Portugal  kinda-sorta decriminalised  not quite legalised., but really put in place for legal swap/tests and made the threat, people seem to actually be going for treatment rather than punishment.
I know I have something of an uncommon viewpoint here and again, I don't quite have a free pass view point for heroin.  I've just known  too many humans over my years who have done things that have bee deemed to cause anything from insanity to full on demon possession. Until the general population read a few books.
I know  this is one of those "But its not this country.."  response topics.   See how well Prohibition worked in the US not more than 100 years ago? 

"On July 1, 2001, a nationwide law in Portugal
took effect that decriminalized all drugs,
including cocaine and heroin. Under the new legal
framework, all drugs were “decriminalized,” not

I've no power, no political swing, no sway, so all I do is try and keep op on stats, what happens on other places, what might work.  It I didn't, I wouldn't know someone had figured working on a potential cure (not a treatment) for the plague of this generation ( not Facebook or Angrybirds)  but AIDS/HIV. A very clever one in fact.

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