Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sometimes I imagine I can hear the flicking of the hyperdense..

Note. I have not edited any of the text below(or in following posts), beyond removing some spaces.. All content is the responsibility of the original authors. I do not know who wrote it nor do I really care. This is posted for interest. If you find yourself offended, consider you should get our more or that you should open your world view more.  I may not like some of the words or agree with them, but I'd never remove anyone's right to say them. 


1) Sometimes I imagine I can hear the flicking of the hyperdense optical
chip analogues in my head. Nanetically crafted from generic biomass, a
trillion retinas blinking in my cerebellum, pink/black, pink/black. All
in a space the size of my thumbnail. They preprocess my impulses and
ideas, applying complex heuristics of thought and information, allowing
me to present a calm and comfortable image to the world.

2) I get a nosebleed at least once a day. They'll have that fixed in the
next release, I'm told. In the meantime, I should try not to think about
killing people so much.

3) "You ate my brother!"
"Well, he started it."
New Stories and comics Jan 2001  

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