Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Window at attention....

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content is the responsibility of the original authors. I do not know who wrote it nor do I really care. This is posted for interest. If you find yourself offended, consider you should get our more or that you should open your world view more. I may not like some of the words or agree with them, but I'd never remove anyone's right to say them.


4) Window at attention
Tense glass rigid in panes
Window breaks the will of the wind
The wind goes ow on the windows
Clowns in the wind
Clowns go ow in the wind
This is Windyclondy
Coming to you on the airwaves
Silent sound your antenna hears
Radio waves off the ionosphere on a calm night
The wind clones radiowaves and eats soundwaves
The wind radiates on several frequencies
And frustrated at not being understood
Monitoring the marconi windows
Tesla eating macaroni


5) Thirty-three centers at 29 cents apiece
The phenomena centers, chewy, visible by Hubble
The pneuma centers,
not visible in the Hubble, but perhaps in the bubbles
Check out the shells of the bubbles in the foam, and you'll see it
Pneumonia foam in the bubbling formats in the lungs
Tuberculosis, that eats away all the airsacs
Keep the sacs for your air races, Jace
Sacs of cancer to burst apart during the air races
What a bunch of practical jokers!

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